Tuesday, 30 December 2008

LSS 3 Round-up

The winner of the third round of LSS is:

Left to my own devices

„Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head…“ (The Beatles – A Day In The Life)
Is a PSB opus magnum. A perfect big pop song. End of discussion. :-D

It’s a song that can be compared to A Day In The Life by the Beatles or David Bowie’s Life on Mars?
What do these songs have in common? „Big“ producers – Sir George Martin (The Beatles), Ken Scott (Bowie, The Beatles) and of course, everytime I hear these songs I have to think of Phil Spector as well – the term wall of soud and all that…

And this is what Neil said: "I’ve always liked big orchestral pop music. I’ve always liked Phil Spector’s records, and the big Beatles records like A Day In The Life and I Am The Walrus (two of my all-time Beatles favourites – note by FV) and Trevor comes out of that school of production."
Two incredibly talented pop institutions on one record – it was predetermined to be just great, right? :-)

The single version is maybe „just“ a perfect pop song but the studio version is a perfect postmodern work. 8-)
Opera, „British rap“, orchestra, disco, some quite personal lyrics or a dadaistic last verse (my favourite part) – all in one song.

Well, the lyrics... All that Neil had at the beginning was the title. Neil: "… I sat down at my typewriter. I thought: 'I’ve got to write this bloody song.' I didn’t get out of bed at half past ten, I used to get out of bed at half past nine, as I still do, but I just thought it sounded better."
(So much for the personal lyrics. Liar! And I almost envied him…)
Then Neil just wrote what came to his mind. … Most of it was „completely not true.“ So why is it so bloody good? (because reality sucks… sometimes)
Neil: "I liked the idea of writing a really up pop song about being left alone. … In fact I wasn’t remotely lonely."
This is something that Neil likes to do: a happy sounding, euphoric song with sometimes really sad lyrics – e.g. I didn’t get where I am today.

I mentioned two other songs at the beginning, at first I just mentioned them because of how they sounded but thinking about it now…both of them more or less describe a day in a life of a person. See a patern here?
Neil: "The song is a day in a life of someone. … The last section is meant to be a dream."
Again, both A Day In The Life and Life On Mars? have a dream sequence.
I do see a patern here and let’s say: Neil learnt from the best. 8-)

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