Tuesday, 30 December 2008

LSS 1 Round-up

This is the first LSS Round-up the way I found it in my old comp. I think but I'm not entirely sure that the actual round-up at tennant-lowe.com might have been a bit longer but maybe it wasn't...there's no way of finding out now.

The Winner of the 1st round of LSS is:

Tonight is forever

First fo all, I’m really happy with how the things worked out this round: my favourite song won (by one vote, I have to admit) and I can swear I didn’t pay anyone to vote for it…so it seems that sometimes my tastes meet with the tastes of the majority.

So what is it about this song that makes us like it so much? So much that some of us prefer it to West End girls – the song that sent the Boys to the charts and to our ears at the first place?

The feeling of “here and now“, the love theme, the „let’s give a damn about what will be, take a chance on what is happening to us right now“
Or is it the music that makes the overall sensation of freedom complete?

Thinking about it now it also reminds me of Queer As Folk's Babylon in which the time stops when the whole place moves to the rhythm of the music and everyone dreams about meeting The One.

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