Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Last Song Standing Round-up Archive

I have posted a few LSS Round-Ups just the way they have been posted on tennant-lowe.com forum over the last year or so.
Those that are missing are either non-existent (LSS 7 and 9) or have been lost (LSS 1 and 2 were deleted off the forum and unfortunately I haven't found them in my computer either...too bad, they were good if I remember correctly :o) )

EDIT: just as I posted this I found LSS 1 and 2 Round-ups in my comp...under some very strange names. Yeah, in college they've told us the title is important. I guess this is how you distinguish the lazy students from the few dilligent ones.

I may write a few words about the LSS's 7 and 9 winners in the future though...I'll see.



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